Courses for Schools

Looking for new ways to teach Digital Technologies? All our school incursion courses are mapped against the Australian Curriculum and designed to suit all grades from K-10.

And if you are looking to upskill your own teaching then why not check out our Professional Learning programs.

Beebot PL

Bring technology to life through creative and imaginative play

Scratch Coding PL

Learn how to Code with Scratch and integrate it within the curriculum

Edison Robot PL

Teach coding and robotics with confidence

Game Design

We teach kids how to use coding to create games where they control the rules


Our Robotics courses introduce coding in a fun and applied way

Video Editing

Our Video courses teaches the skills students can apply to their own projects.


Our coding courses focus on getting students interested in to learning to code

The Social Media Project

The Social Media Project is a new way of teaching children about Social Media.