Teacher Professional Development

Schools often tell us that they know how important a digital technologies education is for their students, but that the implementation of a program is the greatest challenge. Teachers can often feel unsure of what to do and schools can be confused as to where to start.

Coder College’s Professional Development (PD) courses assist schools by building the digital literacy of educators, and helping teachers to establish their own digital technologies strategies and learning pathways. Our professional development programs to help build teacher capability to support the delivery of the Digital Technologies Curriculum in a fun and engaging manner.

Created by qualified teachers who specialise in STEM, our programs focus effective pedagogy and the Digital Technologies Curriculum. Each program is delivered by our team of qualified teachers who will extend your capabilities so you’re left feeling confident in your ability to integrate digital technologies into your classroom.

As you complete each program, you will leave with the confidence to start teaching coding in an engaging way that achieves the best outcomes for your students.

Classroom Teacher Workshops

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Whole School Planning

(Stay tuned for our new whole school programs coming soon)

For more questions about any of our Professional Development programs or how we can help your school please contact us at: admin@codercollege.com.au