Online Courses

We have online courses to suit all ages, abilities and interests. From beginners (young or old) to advanced coders (wanting to take your skills further) we have the course for you.

Move at your own speed or join a teacher led class with live feeds, we have the course to suit your preferred style of learning.

Hacking Minecraft with Python (Online)

Build structures, create games and manipulate the world of Minecraft through the power of Code

Coding with Roblox (Online)

Through the creation of games using the Roblox platform kids will have the chance to learn the basics of coding and game design.

Movie Magic (Online)

A great course for the budding film maker who wants to learn how to create special effects from their favourite film or viral video.

3D Modelling & Design (Online)

Does you child have a creative flair with a passion for creating 3D models, 3D animations or even VR worlds then this is the course for them.

Game Design Intermediate (Online)

Step away from predetermined settings, edit your game design in detail, creating smooth movements & complex game play.

Intro To Movie Making (Online)

Has your child ever wanted to make professional looking videos or movies with special effects? Then this is the course for them.

Intro to Game Design (Online)

This course is designed for those who have a passion for games. Not just the playing of computer games but designing games.

Intro to Python (Online)

A fantastic starting point for learning the Coding language, Python. Learn how to create games and build programs, through the power of code.

Intro to Mobile Games (Online)

Has your child ever wanted to make games for others to play? This is the perfect course for the beginner coder.

Intro To Coding (Online)

A great starting course for the child with no previous (or limited) experience in Coding. If they have never coded before then this is the course for them.