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The Hutchins School

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After School Courses

In 2022 we are back running Coder College courses each term at the Hutchins School. Below you will find the Term 2 program.

Each course has multiple levels (and each level takes 6 weeks) so if your child has completed one level and wants to learn more then have them build on their previous knowledge by enroling in to the next level in their course.

Each course enrolment will also receive extra resources:
– Online Resources (for selected courses)
– Free Coder College USB
– Free Course Badge and Certificate

Please click on the relevant link for more information or click on the button to enrol now.

If you have any questions please let us know (

Term 2 Courses

Tuesday 17th May to Tuesday 21st June
(3:45pm to 5:15pm)
The Hutchins School, 71 Nelson Rd, Sandy Bay

Intro to Coding Games

Intro to Game Design

Game Design Intermediate