This course is for the budding YouTube Creator who wants to set up their own YouTube account to share videos that they have created. Here we cover topics from how to set up their own account with security settings, learn how to use professional editing software, right through to planning, shooting and editing their own videos.  If they have a passion for making films to share with others then this is the course for them.

Our online course is designed for your child to work in the comfort of your own home. Made up of video tutorials, detailed instructions and challenge via our online course platform, these courses are designed to grab your child’s attention and keep them engaged.

Each day your child will be able to join our Zoom class (optional) and then move on to the content for the day. With around 2 hours of highly engaging and hands on activities each day, your child will be eager to get the new content each day. Your child is able to access the content at times that best suits them with one on one online chat support from one of our highly experienced Australian educators.

How it works

  1. Select the course and dates that you prefer.
  2. Your child will receive daily content (2 hrs per day) of highly engaging lessons and exciting challenges, over a 5 day course, and be able to join our optional Zoom calls.
  3. Your child can access the daily content at the time that suits them best each day.
  4. Our highly experienced educators will be online to help answer questions and support your child through the program.

Once the course is completed, your child will have the skills & resources to creating their own YouTube channel and even more YouTube-style content!

For more information about this course please see below.

  • Level 101
    Introducing YouTube channels, here we go through the basics of setting up a YouTube channel, making it secure, learning about copyright and staying safe online. Here they will learn the basics of  planning their own videos, shooting the footage and editing the final product to be shared on their very own channel through fun and easy to learn tasks. Let’s have them learning new skills and making videos rather than simply watching other peoples.

I have always wanted to set up my own YouTube channel and I can't believe that I already have 15 followers

NathanAge 13

I couldn't believe how engaged and eager my daughter was each day. She was so focused throughout the week that we will need to sign up for a course again. Thank you for such an amazing and engaging activity.



Suitable for ages 8+, and all abilities.


This course requires no previous knowledge of video editing.

Equipment required

For this course you will require a computer with internet access and a recording device with a built-in microphone (e.g. phone, tablet, webcam)


At the successful completion of these courses they will have their very own YouTube channel and be ready to design and film their very own home made movies to share with others.