The Social Media Project is a new way of teaching children about Social Media.

Launching in 2021, we focus on what to do, who to follow, what to share, how to set up accounts, we work with your students to empower them with the skills to make educated and responsible decisions around the use of Social Media.

We believe that when teaching kids about Social Media we need to give them all the rules and guidelines of how to navigate this new world to ensure they stay safe and understand what they are doing.

We achieve this in leading by example and being their guide, showing them what to do, who to follow, what to post (and what to keep private), how to use Social Media but also what to do if they have trouble.

Because if we are not teaching out children about Social Media then who is?


Whole School Focus

Here one of our amazing teachers talk to your whole school about Social Media. What it can be used for, how it has changed, where it is going. Social Media is more than just posts and here your students will learn how their actions and presence online can affect their future. A powerful presentation that will have your students wanting to learn more.


Online Units (Social Media Licenses)

Made up of 10 engaging lessons, our online units cover all things Social Media and move through all the popular platforms. Covering items from how to set up accounts securely, who to follow, how it works and how to use it right through to showing them how to deal with unwanted behaviour online.


Teacher Professional Learning

Looking to implement positive Social Media strategies in your school? In this program our expert team will work with teachers and school leaders in creating Social Media strategies that work for both the schools and the students.


More information

If you would like more information about “The Social Media Project” and it components then please contact us at: [email protected]