This course is for the budding film maker who wants their own home videos or short films. Here we cover topics from how to add special effects to story boards and lighting as they go through and create their own movies to share with family and friends. If they have a passion for making films then this is the course for them.

Comprising of 4 Levels, each level takes 6 weeks (or 2 full days) and builds on the skills developed in the previous level. Have your child complete just the one level or go on to become a master this whole course by completing all 4.

For more information about this course and what each level comprises of, please see below.

  • Intro to Movie Making Level 101
    Introducing the basic concepts of film making through fun and easy to learn tasks. This course focuses on introducing filming and editing techniques using everyday videoing devices. Here they will learn the basics of filming, exporting footage, editing, inserting text and adding special effects.
  • Intro to Movie Making Level 102
    This level is for those who have completed the level 1 course and is designed to extend their skills further by building on their previous knowledge. In this level they will continue developing their understanding through the use of more complex special effects. Lightsaber and super speed are just some of the topics covered in this level.
  • Intro to Movie Making Level 103
    The 3rd part of our Intro to Movie Making course, this level is designed to build on the skills developed in the previous 2 parts. Here we look at more complex special effects such as exploring the world of green screens and the amazing outcomes that can be achieved such as the superman effect.
  • Intro to Movie Making Level 104
    The final level of out “Intro to Movie Making” course, here they have the opportunity to apply what they have learnt so far though the creation of their very own short film. They will learn about how to plan their very own movie with story-boarding, lighting, camera angles, etc, before going through and filming it. Based on their own ideas and skills these individually conceived videos are a great way in which to wrap up and display what they have learnt throughout this course.


Suitable for ages 8+, and all abilities.


This course requires no previous knowledge of experience.

What to bring

Lunch (if attending the full day course), Snacks (no nuts please), and a drink.


We provide all the equipment need for this course, yet if you have a laptop you would your child to use you can send that along.


At the successful completion of these courses they will be ready to design and film their very own home made movies with special effects.