A great course for those who want to learn how to make special effects of their favourite film or viral video. In this course learn how to fly like Ironman, duel like a Jedi or cast spells like Harry Potter.

Comprising of 4 different parts, each part takes 6 weeks (or 2 full days ) and focuses on skills and techniques suited for the theme being demonstrated. Have your child complete just the one part (learning the effects that interest them) or go on to become a master all the special effects in this course by completing all 4. For more information about this course and what each part comprises of, please see below.

  • Movie Magic – Avengers Theme
    Ever wanted to fly like Iron Man? Harness lightning like Thor? or jump like Spider-Man? Learn how to harness your superhero powers is this Avengers themed Movie Magic course.
  • Movie Magic – Star Wars Theme
    Bring out your inner Jedi with this Star Wars themed Movie Magic course. Learn how to wield a Lightsaber, levitate objects and much, much more.
  • Movie Magic – Harry Potter Theme
    If casting spells or conjuring magical items is your thing then sign up for this exciting course. Our Harry Potter themed Movie Magic course we will show you how to add these and more special effects into your own videos.
  • Movie Magic – Viral Videos
    Seen some cool viral videos and wondered how they can do such magic? Well in this course we will explore some of the more popular tricks to confuse and amaze others.


Suitable for ages 10+, and all abilities.


This course requires some previous knowledge of video editing.

What to bring

Lunch (if attending the full day course), Snacks (no nuts please), and a drink.


We provide all the equipment need for this course, yet if you have a laptop you would like to send with your child you can send it along.


At the successful conclusion of this course they will have gained a range of video editing skills and ways in which to add special effects to their own videos through filming techniques and editing methods.