Python is a fantastic starting point for learning a text based Coding language. This course is for those who want learn a text based coding language. One of the most popular coding languages to start with, in this course we create games and build programs, through the power of code.

Comprising of 4 Levels, each level is a separate program that take 10 hours and builds on the skills developed in the previous level. Have your child complete just the one level or go on to become a master this whole course by completing all 4.

Our online course is designed for your child to work in the comfort of your own home. Made up of video tutorials, detailed instructions and challenged, these courses are designed to grab your child’s attention and keep them engaged.

Sit with them and work through the course at your own speed or join one of our teacher led classes with scheduled live feeds. We have the format to suit your child’s preferred style of learning.

For more information about this course and what each level comprises of, please see below.

  • Level 201
    Introducing the basic concepts of Python coding through fun and easy to learn tasks. This course will have them creating basic programs and text based adventure games in no time.
  • Level 202
    This level is for those who have completed the level 1 course and is designed to extend their skills further by building on their previous knowledge. Here we continue to develop their knowledge of the Python language by learning how to use Python code to draw shapes, objects and amazing pictures.
  • Level 203
    The 3rd part of our Intro to Python course, this level is designed for those who have completed the previous 2 parts of this course. As we build on the skills and knowledge gained so far, we dive further in to Python Game design. Focusing on animating shapes and simple controls the final goal is the creation of their first Python game.
  • Level 204
    The final of our Intro to Python levels, here they will express what they have learnt through the creation of visual simulations and more complex Python games. A great way in which to wrap up and display what they have learnt throughout the levels.


Suitable for ages 8+, and kids that have done some Coding before.


This course requires some previous knowledge of Coding.

Equipment required

For this course you will require a computer with the relevant software installed and internet access.


At the successful conclusion of the 4 levels your child should have a good grasp on the basics of the coding language Python and be able to write some simple Python programs and games. This will give them a solid foundation in which they can then continue to develop their coding skills with the move towards learning a more complex Python programs or try alternative coding languages.