Do you have a child who loves Roblox? Do they want to learn how to create their own Roblox games? Then this is the course for them.

This course sparks the interest for coding in a fun and exciting way. Through the creation of games using the Roblox platform kids will have the chance to learn the basics of coding and game design.

A great starting course for the child with no previous (or limited) experience in Coding. If they have never coded before, and have a love for Roblox then this is the course for them.

Comprising of 4 Levels, each level takes 10 hours and focuses on skills and techniques suited for the theme being demonstrated. Have your child complete just the one part (learning the effects that interest them) or go on to become a master all the special effects in this course by completing all 4.

Our online course is designed for your child to work in the comfort of your own home. Made up of video tutorials, detailed instructions and challenges, these courses are designed to grab your child’s attention and keep them engaged.

Sit with them and work through the course at your own speed or get one-on-one help online with our live teacher chats. We have the format to suit your child’s preferred style of learning.

For more information about this course and what each level comprises of, please see below.

  • Level 101
    Introducing the basic concepts of coding in a fun and easy to learn format. This course will have your child making their own detailed obstacle course (Obby) in no time.
  • Level 102
    This level is for those who have done some Roblox coding before and have an understanding of Roblox coding basics. This course will help develop a deeper understanding of Coding by building on their previous knowledge to create their very own interactive world adventure game.
  • Level 103
    This level is for those who have now developed a good understanding of Roblox code and have completed the previous 2 levels of this course. We build on the skills they have developed so far and extend them even further in the creation of an interactive racing game.
  • Level 104
    The final of the Coding with Roblox levels, here they have the opportunity to display what they have learnt through the creation of an endless runner style game in the Roblox world. A great way in which to wrap up and display what they have learnt throughout this course.


Suitable for ages 8+, and all abilities.


This course requires no previous knowledge of Coding.


For this course you will require a computer with the relevant software installed and internet access.


At the successful conclusion of this course they will have gained a deeper understanding of how coding works through the use of Roblox. This will give them a solid foundation in which they can then continue to develop their coding skills with the move towards learning a more specific coding language, such as Python (in our Hacking Minecraft 1 course).