This course is the perfect starting point for those interested in coding and technology. Here you get the chance to gain a deeper understanding of coding and what it does. Also you have the chance to explore the different coding languages and see what each of them can do. Perfect to help guide the beginner coder wondering where to start.


What you will learn

  • What coding is
  • How coding and technology shape the world we live in
  • Why there different coding languages
  • Trail some of the best coding languages to learn
  • And much, much more.


Suitable for ages 18+.


This course is suitable for beginners (first time programmers) and those interested in learning more about coding.


You will need to bring along a laptop with the software installed (more information about the software will be sent out)


Through hands-on and personalize training, students will learn the fundamentals of coding and the different coding languages. After completing this course, you will be have a deeper understanding of what coding is, how coding shapes the world we are in and what are you would like to learn more about.