Bee-Bot is a simple and child-friendly robot which is a perfect starting point for teaching sequencing, directional language, basic commands and programming to young students. Helps understand algorithms and simple program creation and execution.

Hands on coding makes programming and control child’s play.

Designed for use by young children for the introduction of coding and considered communication skills, the Bee Bot is an entertaining, versatile, child- and classroom-friendly resource that is adaptable to both home and school environments. Suitable for kids of early learning, childcare and lower primary ages, the simple layout is a perfect starting point to teach control, directional language and programming too little ones.

The playful nature of the Bee Bot encourages children to access the creative brain to enter more complex command sequences guiding them through each program of games and activities designed to improve skills in science, literacy and numeracy. Whether experimenting through trial and error or using their imagination to visualise the robot’s movement prior to calibrating, this impressive programmable floor robot is the latest gadget to instigate innovation in today’s young.

Colourful, clear bright buttons. Engaging and easy to operate. Ideal for fine motor skills development.

Discover cause and effect – blinks and beeps at commands. Confirms program completion with lights and sound.

Introduces sequencing and control, plus counting and directions including forward and back and left and right.

Can perform a sequence up to 40 steps in memory including pause commands.

Small and robust with a compact design – perfect for young students.

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