This is the perfect starter course for those interested in creating complex 3D models and learning about 3D animations. If they have a passion for creating 3D models, 3D animations or even VR worlds then this is the course for them.

Comprising of 4 Levels, each level is a separate program that takes 10 hours and builds on the skills developed in the previous level. Have your child complete just the one level or go on to become a master this whole course by completing all 4.

Our online course is designed for your child to work in the comfort of your own home. Made up of video tutorials, detailed instructions and challenges, these courses are designed to grab your child’s attention and keep them engaged.

Sit with them and work through the course at your own speed or get one-on-one help online with our live teacher chats. We have the format to suit your child’s preferred style of learning.

For more information about this course and what each level comprises of, please see below.

  • Level 201
    Covering the basic tools for 3D model design in this level we will have them making their first 3D models in Blender in no time. Starting with the basics of 3D modelling, students will create a number of 3D models of increasing difficulty and detail.
  • Level 202
    This level is for those who have completed the level 201 course and is designed to extend their skills further by building on their previous knowledge. Here we continue  to gain a deeper understanding of 3D modelling and what you can do. We will cover how to create realistic objects, cities and worlds through the use of skins, lighting and animations.
  • Level 203
    The 3rd part of our 3D Modelling & Design course, this level is designed for those who have completed the previous 2 parts. As we build on the skills and knowledge gained so far, we dive further in to 3D Modelling with new challenges such as animations,  animated text and character movements,  just to name a few.
  • Level 204
    The final part of the 3D Modelling & Design levels, has your child pushing the boundaries of what they have learnt so far. They will be using all the skills they have developed along their journey and applying in the construction of a 3D animated story. By using realistic lighting and animations it is an exciting way in which to wrap up and display what they have learnt throughout the levels.


Suitable for ages 10+, and those with coding experience.


This course requires no previous knowledge of 3D modelling software.


For this course you will require a computer with the relevant software installed and internet access.


At the successful conclusion of the 4 levels your child should have a good understanding of 3D Modelling software and how it can be used to make realistic objects, landscapes and even animations. This course works well with those interested in creating 3D animations or 3D worlds for complex games or VR worlds.