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The world of tomorrow requires skills being developed today.

At Coder College our mission is to give your child the confidence and skills essential for their future by providing fun and exciting courses in coding.
All learning outcomes are based around enjoyable, meaningful tasks that inspire kids to learn.


At Coder College we offer a range of courses at different levels to engage coders of every ability. From the beginner to the advanced coder, we have a course to suit every learner.

We regularly update our courses and are constantly adding new courses to our ever growing list.


Introduction to Coding

Coding-iconA great starting course to the world of coding for those with no previous (or limited) experience. If they have never coded before then this is the course for them.
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Introduction to Mobile App Games

Phone-iconEver wanted to make your very own Mobile Game App? Never Coded before? This is the perfect starter course for the beginner coder or to get your child interested in coding.
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Hacking Minecraft

Minecraft-IconThis is a fun and exciting course in which to generate a passion for coding and begin learning the language, Python.
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Introduction to 3D printing

3d-printer-iconEver wanted to 3D print something that you created? This is a fun course where you will learn how 3D printers work, design 3D items and go home with 3D prints that you created.
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Introduction to Game Design

Intro-Game-IconWhy play games when you can create games. If you have ever wanted to learn how to design your own games for other to play then this course is the one for you.
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Game Design (Intermediate)

GD-int-iconFurther control your own game creation through the use of code. Step away from the predetermined settings and create smooth movements and complex game play.
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Advanced Game Design

ad-gd-iconWant to use learn one of the premier game development platforms (Unity)? Go deeper in to game development and create more advanced gaming projects in this exciting course.
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Introduction to Python

Python-iconLearn to code with one of the most popular computer languages, Python. A powerful language which is used by sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest.
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Web Design 101

ad-gd-iconEver wanted to make your own web page? Design and code your own web page with HTML and CSS in this introductory course.
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Introduction to Movie Making

ad-gd-iconEvery wanted to make professional looking home videos or even your own movies? Want to learn how to add in special effects such as cloning, super speed, or teleportation? Then this is the course for you.
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(There are many, many more exciting course currently being designed which will be on offer in the near future. If you are interested in any of our “Coming Soon” courses, register your interest with us for more information

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At Coder College we make coding fun!


  • Our programs are designed by experienced educators with strong backgrounds in IT
  • All learning tasks begin in the classroom and learners are given to tools and confidence to continue their learning outside of the classroom .
  • All learning outcomes are based around enjoyable, meaningful tasks that inspire kids to learn.


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