Welcome to Coder College

“The world of tomorrow requires skills being developed today.”

At Coder College our mission is to provide others with the confidence and skills essential for their future by providing fun and exciting courses in Coding.

“We make Coding fun!”

  • Our programs are designed by experienced educators with strong IT backgrounds
  • All learning tasks begin in the classroom and learners are given to tools and confidence to continue their learning outside of the classroom .
  • All learning outcomes are based around enjoyable, meaningful tasks that inspire learning.
  • Our kids courses have a maximum 1:7 ratio of staff to student allowing more personalised learning experiences aimed at the learners ability.
  • All Coder College staff have there WWVP checks up to date.


Which courses are you interested in?

Our kids courses are run both during the School Holidays (as 2 Full days) and during the Term (as both After School and Saturday courses over a number of weeks).  
Adult courses are run both as regular weekly sessions and as Full day sessions throughout the year.
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School Holidays Term 3 Adult Courses

School Programs

School Programs


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Teacher Professional

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If you have any questions or would just like to drop us a line, feel free to contact us via the form below.